Covid 19 and Therapy Options

In light of our current situation with a global pandemic, therapy practices will be closed. If this is your first time on my site, I’m a psychologist with a specialist interest in anxiety disorders. I have been working in psychology for over 20 years, both in Ireland and the NHS in the UK.

I have offered online therapy and online self-help courses for the past eight years. The self-help courses follow the same format as sessions with me.

The following self-help options and tests are available on my site.

Online Tests

Important: These tests are not to be used as diagnostic tools and do not replace meeting with a mental health professional for a complete assessment.

Looking after your emotional health during Covid-19.

Most of us are now spending our time indoors, with our routine and support network severely disrupted.

You may feel a mixture of emotions that are difficult to contain. The following recommendations may help you while during the global pandemic.


If you can get outdoors to exercise, make sure you do this even if you do not feel like it, as exercise boosts your mood and improves fitness. It will also help you to sleep better at night.

This download is available for free from

Looking after your emotional health

If you are already living with, for example, anxiety, health anxiety or OCD, you might find that you are struggling more than normal. I am in the process of updating articles on the site to include additional information relating to the impact of coronavirus on mental health conditions.

I shall update the following articles in the coming days.

vector image showing couples with differing attachment styles
Attachment styles in adults

The quality and ultimate success of adult relationships depend on choosing the correct person and working on your partnership and how you relate to others.

narcissistic abuse
Narcissistic abuse

Narcissistic abuse starts after a honeymoon period when you will have felt at the centre of the other person’s world. You might have spotted signs