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Hypnosis for anxiety and sleep

You can think of hypnosis or hypnotherapy as deep relaxation, where you can block out the normal distractions of your brain.  In this state, with the help of a clinician, you are guided to focus intently on your change area.  Hypnosis for anxiety is available for you to sample below.

My partner Lewis,  is a classically trained musician.

For the past year we have been working together, looking at

the impact of music on our emotions

Resting Beat contains guided relaxation for sleep and anxiety and specially written music, some containing Binaural Beats.

You can try some out for yourself.  This first one contains hypnosis for anxiety to give you deep relaxation.

For this next one, you MUST use headphones, for your brain to create binaural beats


If you would like the complete program and be able to download all the tracks, .


Music to Induce a Meditative State

If the music has been engineered correctly, it can alter your brainwaves. If correctly engineered, the music can produce brainwave states found in a person meditating – you might know these as alpha and theta waves.

Classical Music has, through the ages, been associated with relaxation. Now we know it is more than a gut feeling. Music, when engineered properly, really can change how you feel.

Binaural Beats.  A binaural beat is, in fact something that your brain creates.

Your brainwaves begin to sync with the beat that it has created, and this is known as entrainment.

Resting beat contains 2 hours of original compositions to induce relaxation – 4 original classical binaural beat compositions – 2 guided relaxations – hypnosis for anxiety, hypnosis for sleep.

During your day use a wakeful meditation

This wakeful audio, uses binaural beats to encourage your mind to relax

Hypnosis for Anxiety or Profound relaxation

Maybe you unwind after your day by watching TV, but this is not complete relaxation.

To help your mind and body to relax, we included two different styles of deep relaxation.

1. Orchestral Music using 2Hz Binaural Beats for profound relaxation. Theta waves for meditative state and delta for sleep
60 beats per minute
2. Clinical Guided Relaxation (spoken word) to guide you down into a complete relaxation response


Deep sleep

Rather than popping a pill to help you sleep, use your body’s own natural sedative

To help your mind and body sleep, we included two different styles of deep relaxation.

1. Classical Music using 2Hz Binaural Beats for deep sleep. Theta waves for meditative state and delta for sleep
2. Clinical Guided Relaxation (spoken word) to help your mind switch off and your body relax and encourage sleep to come naturally

Throughout time, music has been at all our social gatherings; weddings, funerals, celebrations

Music communicates to you emotionally

Music activates nearly every region of your brain

Music is more powerful than any communication

Music to ease pain

Music can reduce your perceived intensity of pain.

Studies have suggested that using music as therapy is like cheating your brain, by refocusing your mind on the music as opposed to the pain

If the music has been designed to affect your brain, it may also induce effects like meditation

Music to manage stress, anxiety and sleep

You don’t have to pop pills

Classical music has been shown to help with insomnia (the sample researched was college students)

Research has shown that listening to music can significantly reduce stress

Conversations with the musician!

I researched everything from binaural beats to relaxation music, with wild claims from curing cancer to astral projection.

I listened to various ‘whooshing sounds’ that osciliated from ear to ear and induced motion sickness in me.

I come from a scientific background.  

I wanted us to produce something that was both musically correct, something that you would like to listen to, and something that we could both stand over as a classically trained musician and a psychologist and agree “that works”

This is what we came up with

engineered audio to take you through your day

“Resting beat” uses original compositions. All audio written and produced by my partner, Lewis Smith, for Resting Beat

You can download immediately 2 hours of recording in mp3 format (complete with Resting Beat User Manual)

Hypnosis and your brain

From when you open your eyes in the morning, until you fall asleep at night, you are engaging your rational, thinking brain.

It is responsible for the thoughts you have, the decisions you make, your daydreams and worries.

However, if you operate like most other people on the planet, it can seem like it has a mind of it’s own.

Always worrying, always racing, and no matter how much you try, you might not be able to turn it off from racing or from going over the same stuff every day.

My approach?
I use guided relaxation to turn the volume down on the fast automatic part of your brain to allow suggestion to take place.

What is suggestion?
Suggestion helps you to change thoughts and behaviours.  Say for example you have stress or anxiety, you will have countless thoughts and behaviours that are keeping you anxious,
The idea of suggestion is to help you form more helpful responses.
If you are considering hypnotherapy for anxiety, stress, or to help you to sleep, you are welcome to use my guided programs below.

Hypnosis for stress and anxiety

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