Dr Elaine Ryan

I’m the psychologist and Founder of this private practice. Most of my time is spent creating self-help courses to make psychological help both accessible and affordable.

I left the National Health Service in 2008 and returned to Ireland where I worked for one year in a University before establishing a private practice in Dublin in 2009.  

I worked with clients in both Baggot Street and Fitzwilliam Street Lower for several years and now work solely online developing psychology based self help courses.

Retrain Your Brain®  I built self help courses based on my work in private practice.  The courses are online and are designed for those of you who wish for psychological help without coming into a therapy room!

imimage of nurturing thoughts
Dr Elaine Ryan

Does CBT really work?

Yes – it can change your brain.  To explain this, I will talk about CBT about anxiety, specifically social anxiety, to help make a point.

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