• Low cost counselling: How to Find Affordable Therapy

    Low cost counselling: How to Find Affordable Therapy

    What is low-cost counselling? Low-cost counselling is talk therapy offered at a lower price than usual. The service may be provided by a trainee therapist working under the direct supervision of an experienced registered practitioner or a reduced fee offered to those with less ability to pay. Examples of low-cost counselling Trainee Set price Online […]

  • What to expect from therapy

    What to expect from therapy

    If you have decided to start therapy, this article will help you get the best from your sessions with your chosen therapist and give you an idea of what to expect. What is therapy? Therapy, sometimes called “talk therapy, ” is provided by mental health professionals to diagnose and treat mental health issues. In previous […]

  • Types of psychologists

    Types of psychologists

    Deciding to attend therapy can be a series of decisions; what type of therapist and what treatment model? Previously, I discussed the benefits of seeing a psychologist. In this article, I shall discuss the different psychologists and how to choose the right one to help you.  What is psychology? Psychology is the scientific study of […]

  • Benefits of seeing a psychologist

    Benefits of seeing a psychologist

    In writing this article, I aim to give you a map or guide to what a psychologist can do for you if you attend therapy. To be objective, I have to situate myself on this map and state that I am a counselling psychologist, just one of the many professions that make up the helping […]