• Relationship anxiety

    Relationship anxiety

    When I look back over the prominent relationships in my life, the ones that failed, I believe, were because of my behaviour, which now, with the benefit of hindsight and many years working as a psychologist, I can see was the result of anxiety. I found it hard to spot what we (psychologists) now call […]

  • What are psychological triggers?

    What are psychological triggers?

    We all have experienced psychological triggers at some point, but what are they exactly? Psychological triggers are stimuli that can cause a stark change of emotion. For example, you might feel calm when you find out you have to take a train, and immediately your chest tightens, and you feel anxious. The thought of the […]

  • How compassion helps you to let go of anger

    How compassion helps you to let go of anger

    If someone has upset you or wronged you somehow, showing kindness and compassion toward them can help you let it go. Showing compassion can initially feel wrong. When annoyed with someone else, most people do not automatically want to be kind to the person who has hurt them. But unless you want to carry the […]

  • Attachment styles in adults

    Attachment styles in adults

    The quality and ultimate success of adult relationships depend on choosing the correct person and working on your partnership and how you relate to others. According to attachment theory, the quality of care and bond developed with your primary caregiver shapes future interactions into adulthood, including romantic relationships. I first became interested in Bowlby’s attachment […]